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Sprinkle Cookies

      When I was little my favorite part of going to any really good bakery was the possibility of coming home with a box of Sprinkle Cookies.  Face pressed against the glass I’d stare longingly at the rows and rows of sprinkle bedecked beauties that were often separated by trays of rainbow hued colors and holiday homages of...

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Well, I am going to let you in on a secret that is not very well guarded…..I am a caramel fanatic!!!  Nope, I guess it is not really a secret at all.  I will unabashedly happily proclaim my love for the perfection of this confection!  It all began long ago when I was a little girl….my grandfather always being the...

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Turkey Tetrazzini

I normally make this with leftover chicken, but it’s also a good dish to make to use up that leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.  You could easily make this ahead of time, and then bake it after a long busy day.  But even if you aren’t pressed for time this one is really quick to prepare, and pop in the oven....

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