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Montana Wildfire Jam

  This recipe was shared by a really cool guy I met on a camping trip awhile back.  I mean really super awesome COOL….I knew when he and his wife shared their homemade root beer with my kids, made homemade ice cream right before my eyes & the fact that they live on a farm and raise chickens – that...

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Toffee Bars

         I love Toffee and Caramel… When I say that… I mean that.   I think that having made both of the aforementioned confections has given me a better appreciation and love of the sticky wonderfulness that they are.  Then again, I also should find out if they offer a support for this because I’ve noted my...

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Ridiculously Easy Red Beans and Rice

If you love red beans and rice, but are like me and tend to forget to soak those pesky dried beans overnight…..this is the recipe for you.  My solution to that problem is – I use canned red beans instead. Let me assure you it still tastes just as good.  Honestly, for me it actually makes it even better, because...

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