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Mini Burger Patties and Vegetable Soup

This is my spin on the classic vegetable beef soup.  For the beef I use eensie weensie cute little mini burger patties.  That I precook in a cast iron skillet. Yeah, cast iron all the way, baby!  How can anyone resist that?  I came up with this recipe, because my two sons enjoy a Campbell  soup variety sorta kinda similar....

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Chicken Lemon Rice Soup

When the weather starts to change, and a chill is in the air – I know it’s time for me to start making all our soup, stew and cold weather favorites.  This recipe is one my family always enjoys, and is quick and easy to prepare.  My husband is the one who actually prepared it last night, as I instructed...

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Caramel Glazed Pumpkin Bread

Autumn is such a lovely season, and perhaps my favorite.  It’s filled with magic, crisp cool air, leaves rustling in the wind, delicious fruits & flavors of the season. Personally, I look forward to spending time baking, and making many of our favorite recipes.  Curling up with a good book (every autumn a must read for me is – The...

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