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Michigan Cherry Muffins

Well, by now you probably know I have never really been a huge muffin fan.  However, I will admit that they are growing on me as I age.  I have always been a strictly blueberry muffin and lemon poppy seed muffin fan.  Recently my family spent a fair bit of time camping and enjoying many lovely Michigan towns.  I am...

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Grilled Pizza – Two Ways

It’s no secret that we enjoy pizza immensely at my humble abode.  What makes for a delicious pizza – depends on who you ask.  I have a child that is not a fan of most tomato based sauces, and there is an ongoing list of other such  special requests from each member of my dear family. Which makes it difficult...

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K.C. Style BBQ Sauce

One of the things I most look forward to in the summer months is all the smoked meats & veggies my husband makes (smoked corn on the cob is out of this world!  If you don’t believe me give it a try – then let’s talk).  When enjoying some delicious smoky meats one needs to have a yummy BBQ sauce...

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