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  O Rugelach, Rugelach…where have you been all of my life?!  Now that I have found you, I shall never let you go.  All joking aside, rugelach is without a doubt my new love affair in cookie form. I recently decided to reconnect with my 20% Ashkenazi  Jewish roots and explore some recipes.  I’m sharing this recipe in loving  memory...

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Native American Fry Bread

I’m really excited to share this recipe.  My own experience with it was born of necessity….. Mainly I made a batch of my sister’s AMAZING chili  and I’m one of those weird people who need crackers, or pasta, or cornbread to go with their chili.  The problem was… I ran out of crackers, had no pasta on hand, and didn’t...

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Banana Cream Pie

What to do with those last remaining bananas laying about?  Bread, muffins, pudding……nope, pie!  Anyone who knows me well is aware bananas are not among my favorite fruits. Maybe, it’s because I was forced at a very early age to drink a hideously disgusting banana shake concoction at an old lady friend of my grandmother’s to spare her feelings  –...

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