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Tex-Mex Salad with Southwest Ranch Dressing

I love summer!  Family, barbecues, camping, outdoor concerts/festivals, pool/beach time, my birthday….what’s not to love?!  Although, this summer we have had some pretty spotty weather, but luckily  it seems in this past week summer has finally arrived.  During summer one of the ways I love to use up our fresh garden veggies and herbs is in salads.  It takes virtually...

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Dutch Butter Cookies

Dutch butter cookies are so delicious, and even though this recipe was a hurried last minute attempt it turned out to be one that I shall never part with.  Recently my middle child had a cultural feast day as part of his project on the Netherlands.  This is the third project one of my children has done on the Netherlands,...

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On the (Vodka) Sauce

    Soooo It’s been a while, and I’ve been slacking.  Call it the summer rush, call it feeling uninspired, or just call it me being a slattern! :p  Any way you slice it I’ve been quiet!  However, this dish is something I can’t really shut up about.  Ever since I made it for Paul’s birthday I’ve been telling anyone...

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