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Hello!  I’m Jenny, (the older) half of this sister team.  Have you ever daydreamed?  That’s how this blog started really.  My sister Sarah and I have kicked around the fantasy of opening up some sort of eatery (from Pub to Bakery) where we could share our love of cooking and baking with others.  Then one day Sarah brought up the idea of blogging our recipes as a way of having a virtual eatery!  That way we could serve up recipes that we’ve tinkered with, created, and discovered with other people who have a passion for adventures in the kitchen (or are just looking for something new and tasty to try).

The idea of starting a blog was brilliant, but then the hard part began when we tried to find the perfect name.  Originally we would have liked to use the name “The Two Tarts”, based off of an imaginary bakery we planned on opening.  Unfortunately (like a lot of web addresses) the name was already taken.  More names were bandied back and forth… which we promptly forgot to write down and are forever lost to the ether.  Then, one day I remembered a story Sarah had told me about how my niece declared one day (after refusing to eat dinner), “I only like to eat delicious things!”

It’s pretty hard to argue with that sentiment!  So I hope you enjoy what we post up here, and you find yourself trying new recipes and enjoying all the delicious things that life has to offer.






Hi! I am Sarah, and I would like to warmly welcome you to our blog.  We are sisters combining our favorite recipes in hopes of sharing our lifelong passions of cooking, baking and writing with others.  As Jenny aptly shared this has been a dream of ours for a long time, even stemming back to our childhood. From our humble beginnings of baking mud pies in our Grandmother’s garden – to the games of “Mom’s Kitchen” we would play with our own kids. Cooking for us is love.  No matter what the level of cooking, whether it be simple ingredients for a quick and easy crock pot dinner to the most elaborate of dishes. To me cooking truly is about having fun and making those around you smile.

As Jenny mentioned, the name of our blog is a homage to my daughter Claire’s quote “I only eat delicious things”.  This proclamation made by my wee stinker belle at the sassy age of 3. Came after a particularly exasperating experience of “the picky eater syndrome”. On that particular day, I made a conscious effort to make a meal that was one everyone in our house would enjoy. So my roast chicken, glazed carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes and pan gravy it was. When we all sat down to eat – my sweet faced cherub fixed me with her most daring steely gaze and pushed her food aside, turned up her nose and made that bold proclamation of “I only eat delicious things”. To which the table was silenced. My two sons mouths hung open in disbelief (oh the horror). Soon after they had recovered their speech they both offered their apologies on her behalf, and looked at me most sympathetically. I on the other hand was trying to hold back the laughter that had bubbled up within me at her fierce expression and boldness. I had to compose myself before reacting. Then when I had, I first let the boys know that my heart was not shattered into pieces, and promptly dealt with teaching my daughter some social graces…..which is still a work in progress even now at her present age of 7. But aren’t we all works in progress?

Unfortunately, for my husband and I dealing with picky eaters is one of those things in our lives that ebbs and flows. That at any given time one of the three in our brood suffer from. Which definitely makes cooking everyday meals a challenge (but between you and I, it is alright because I thrive on challenges). Our everyday meals allow us to remain connected, and provide us with some pretty fabulous memories. We hope you enjoy the recipes and stories we share.

Wishing you all the delicious things life has to offer!