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Arrecheras (Grilled Steak Tacos)


       HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!  (hehe again!)  Just so you know, I suffered for this delicious thing!  (Seriously, I stepped on a hot coal.  Apparently I’m not zen enough to walk upon them unscathed because let me tell you @#$@%^@!!!!)  Arrecheras are a staple of our summertime.  They’re simple, flavorful, and ooooooh so yummy.  Since the ingredients aren’t bank busting, they also make great party food when you’re feeding a crowd even if it’s an impromptu BBQ.

     My own memories of this, stem around an old home made cinder block Grill that was a fixture in my Abuelita’s garden.  Around those growing things, the old grill would be fired up while we kids ran around making mud pies, or making our own tiny fires to roast marshmallows on (till they were perfectly roasty toasty).  Hopefully… my own Nephews, Neices, and Daughter will also form their own memories of warm summer days, parties, and most of all Delicious Moments with their family.  <3


Skirt Steak (enough to feed the group you’re expecting.)
Fresh Limes (juiced) or Lime Juice
Garlic Powder
Sea Salt or Kosher Salt


1.  Stress relief!  Take your meat and go to town with a mallet or use another tenderizing blade or hammer device to it.  Pound till flat and your stress is gone!

2.  Season your meat generously with your garlic powder and sparingly with salt.

3.  Place your meat in a bowl/tuppeware/ziploc bag, and pour enough lime juice over your meat so that it soaks the meat with a little liquid still around it.  Let it marinate for fifteen minutes to a half an hour, turning the meat every so often or squishing the bag/flipping it over.

4.  Grill your meat till it’s got grill marks and is cooked through.  (Watch your meat, since it’s so thin it will cook fast)

5.  Cut your steak against the grain, and stuff into your tortillas.

Great toppings would include shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, avocado, queso fresca, or anything else you like on a taco!


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  1. Jen May 6, 2014

    And refried beans too!

    • Jenny May 6, 2014

      ^_^ Refried beans are a great side for this too! I’m glad you like them. <3


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