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Caramel Cups


I can’t believe it’s DECEMBER?!  When did this happen?  How did this happen?!  All I know is that when this month rolls around we tend to get a seasonal visitor here called…. cookies.  It seems that the kitchen explodes with them, and they get sent to friends, family, and neighbors.  With this in mind, I hazard to guess that the rest of you also think about cookies this time of year! ^_^

I think I maaaay have mentioned something about my love of caramel, well this is another recipe that highlights that love.  I supposed using the term caramel here is playing a little fast and loose with the term as these cookies are filled with Dulce de Leche…. and if you have not sampled that delicious stuff before you’re in for a treat!  The idea of this little treat is to mimic a famous candy bar that pairs a delicious buttery shortbread, caramel, and chocolate.  This cookie version however focuses more on the shortbread cookie and caramel than the chocolate… but you still get the satisfying taste of all three!

I hope you like these cookies as much as my family does, and that it finds it’s way to your holiday cookie trays!


1 cup of salted butter at room temperature
1/2 cup sugar
2 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon of Vanilla
1 can of Dulce de Leche (Found in your Latin Cooking isle/area of your supermarket)
Chocolate Chips (I prefer Milk for this but go for Semisweet if you prefer dark chocolate)


1. Cream your butter and sugar together till light and fluffy, add your vanilla and flour and mix till combined.  While you’re mixing preheat your oven to 300°.
2. Make balls about 1 inch in size out of your dough, then put them into the wells of a mini muffin pan.  Use your thumb or a beverage muddler to push down into the center of each ball making them into cups.  Prick the bottom of the cups, and pop them into the oven.  (This helps steam escape from inside the dough)
3.  Let them bake for 35-40 minutes till they are just barely golden brown about the edges.
4.  After they are done baking, let them rest in the pan for about five minutes or until cool.  They should be easily removed from the pan then, and put on a serving platter.
5.  Open up your can of golden wonder (aka the dulce de leche).  With a rubber scraper scoop it out into a ziploc sandwich baggie.  Snip the corner of it with a pair of scissors, and use your makeshift pastry bag to pipe the dulce de leche into each cup.
6.  In a microwave safe bowl microwave your chocolate chips for about 30 seconds, stir with a spoon, nuke it for 15 more and stir…. Repeat until all the chocolate is melted, and like the dulce de leche put your melted chocolate in a baggie, snip the corner, and zig zag over the tops of your cookies.
7.  Let them set up, and serve!

<3 -Jenny

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