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Corn Tortillas



This post is brought to you by The League of Literary Ladies!  That is to say, I’m a proud member of a Book Club that not only meets up to talk about our latest read, hang with awesome people, but also shares some amazing food!  This past month’s book was The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister, and as you can tell by the title was full of Foodie goodness.  So when it came time for me to figure out what I should bring, I didn’t have to venture too far from the pages.

Enter…. Corn Tortillas.

The book is a sensualists dream, with lush descriptions of the process, taste, and feelings food evokes in the characters. At one point they are making Corn Tortillas, the texture, the feel, the working of the dough and then the soft fresh simple goodness is one that struck a note in me…. because I remember making Flour Tortillas with my grandmother as a child.  So why not try corn ones as a group?  I brought in a electric griddle, the dough, a tortilla press, some sea salt, butter, and hoped that everyone would be into the idea.  Heh…. good call me! *much back patting*

It was a success!  Not only was it oh-so-yummy, friends wanting the recipe, and some now wanting to get a tortilla press…. I had to make another batch the next morning for our weekend family breakfast!  ^_^  I hope you will give this one a go, because nothing beats the taste of fresh tortillas, and when you realize just how easy they are to make you’ll never want to buy another pack of them again!

P.S.  For those of you looking for a No Fat No Gluten option, this recipe is one for you.  

2 Cups of Masa Harina (Found in your Hispanic Food Aisle in a bag)
1 Cup Water (give or take a few teaspoons)
1 teaspoon Salt
Optional…. 1/2-1 Tablespoon Lime Juice
Optional…. 1-2 teaspoons Chili Powder

1.  Mix your ingredients together in a bowl, kneading lightly to make sure everything is combined.  It should have the texture of non-sticky playdough.  If it’s crumbly add a little more water, if it’s sticky add a little more Masa.
2.  Let it rest for a half hour… (You should do this step, the dough improves with time! And you can keep it resting for longer if you want to.)
3.  Heat a Cast Iron pan (if you have one) or other Pan/Griddle till hot.
4.  Take a 1 inch or so ball of dough, and roll it out with a rolling pin or pat it into a thin circle or use a plastic lined tortilla press to make your tortillas.  (Presses are around $10 and are nice to have, a easy way to make the plastic lining is to cut off the top, and cut open the sides of a gallon storage bag.)
5. Cook your tortilla on your pan until set up (about 1-2 minutes), flip and cook the other side (the same).  Then place in a tortilla warmer, or wrapped in a kitchen towel to keep warm.
6.  Enjoy with butter and salt for a quick treat or used to dip in salsa/guacamole or as a shell for tacos!


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