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Normal children can’t wait for the Ice-Cream man.  I was never normal!!!!  All I wanted to hear was the man ringing his bell and pushing his cart selling Elotes.  The Corn Man, could have easily taken the ice cream guy any day of the week.  (To this day when I hear bells I look around for him!)  I loved those summer days that Grandma would stop him, and we’d be rewarded with hot fresh sweet corn dripping with butter and salt… while we’d stare at her corn that had “The Works”.

Many years passed before I became daring enough to try eating corn the way she got it.  When I did, I was pleasantly surprised!  The condiment combination of this traditional snack had me scared at first, but somehow…. it just works!  It taught me a lesson about trying new things, and how that which seems wrong or strange can sometimes be the biggest treat.  <3

This year I made the mayo for these elote’s with Roasted Garlic infused Avocado oil (that my in-laws gave me!).  It definitely adds something new to it that’s beyond the traditional.  If you don’t make your own mayo, don’t worry!  Regular old mayo is great for this recipe, or you can get a little exotic and get yourself some mayonesa.  It’s found in the International isle in the Hispanic section, and has been flavored with lime.

Fresh Sweet Corn
Cotija Cheese (or if you can’t find it :(  Queso Fresca works in a pinch)
Chili Powder


1.  Cook your corn!  Boil it, roast it, or grill it!  Whatever works for you, just make sure it’s hot and cooked till it’s tender.

2. Crumble your cheese.

3. Butter it, salt it, slather it with the mayo, squeeze a little lime juice, roll it in crumbled cheese, and sprinkle it with chili powder.

4.  EAT and Repeat!!!!


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