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Glorioso’s Italian Market


MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN USA 53202(414) 272-0540
M-F 8AM-8PM • SAT 8AM-6PM • SUN 8:30AM – 5PM

I recently enjoyed a trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and discovered several real gems in the city. Glorioso’s Italian Market is definitely one of them. Unfortunately, I did not have the foresight to take any of my own pictures while there. However, we bought several fabulous items while we were there. One of which was their delicious sauce….I really should have bought a case. I am not really one for bought sauces, because I do prefer homemade. But their jarred sauce is nothing to begrudge, and I would happily douse the stuff on all my pasta. In fact, we recently did when we made homemade ravioli, using Glorioso’s sauce and parmesan and romano cheese blend (delicious).  Glorioso’s is an Italian food lovers paradise with specialty items, bakery, and a fabulous deli ( from which my husband and I ordered two humongous sandwiches, and we also could not pass up the soup of the day their Sicilian chili – which was amazingly good) I am embarrassed to admit we both devoured the sandwiches in record time, and my husband is still reminiscing about the chili. I implore anyone who has even the slightest interest in Italian fare to most definitely check this place out if you are in Milwaukee. Here is a link to their website


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