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Kahlua Pork Sliders


It’s February, and like Clive Barker wrote (in The Thief of Always) “The great grey beast February had eaten me alive.”  (Well.. not me, Harvey Swick the main character but hey, it works here too!) It’s been so grey, so snowy, so cold, it seems like winter will never end.  Which has me dreaming of tropical climes with their powder white beaches, the scent of plumeria blossoms, endless fruity girly drinks, and luaus…

Maybe’s it’s something Islanders share, this love of Roasted Pork that’s been coated in salt and left the bake in the ground until it’s falling off the bone.  (Growing up with a Puerto Rican grandparent introduced us all early to the joys of LaChon.) Since my wonderful husband won’t agree to let me dig a giant pit in the back yard (despite a TON of pleading…. I still think it’s because he’s not as big into pig as I am).  I was left to find another way to get my roasted pork fix.

Savory, salty, sweet, and ohhhh so easy.  That’s a pretty apt description of this little dish which can easily go from appetizer to main course.  This recipe came about a number years back during another winter when I was dreaming about Hawaii, and I hope it fills your bleak winters (or whatever time of year you’re at!) full of Aloha spirit.


1 3lb-4lb Pork Shoulder roast (It’s easier if it’s boneless and skinless)
1-2 cans Chicken Broth
Kosher Salt
Liquid Smoke
King’s Hawaiian Rolls

1.  Rinse off and pat dry (with paper towels) your roast.  Liberally sprinkle with salt, then rub it in.  Put your roast into a slow cooker.   Put in a half a cup of chicken broth and 2-3 tablespoons of liquid smoke.
2.  Cook for 4-5 hours if on high, 7-8 if on low or until the meat is falling apart and can be shredded.
3.  I like to pull out the whole roast and while it’s cooling (so you can shred it without burning yourself) dump the old cooking liquid to get rid of the fat.  Then add a cup (or more if you think it needs it, you want the meat to be moist and juicy) of chicken broth back to the crock pot along with another tablespoon (or two… after you taste it when the pork’s back in) of liquid smoke.
4. Shred your pork, and taste it.  If you think it needs more salt, salt it lightly and taste again before adding back to the crock pot. (Then taste again with the smoke.  I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned in cooking, is taste things to make sure they’re properly seasoned… and be frugal.  You can always add more seasoning but never less so take your time.)
5. It’s ready!  So now that it’s ready what can you do with it? Well if you keep your pot on low or warm you can take it to potlucks, bbq’s, parties, etc. and have a hot appetizer served on your Hawaiian rolls.  (Sliders Rock, right!?) Or if you’re looking for a low key at home meal, serve the shredded pork over some white rice.  You can even do it like the locals, and add a fried egg and some Asian style brown gravy (think egg foo young) and you’d have a dish called Moco Loco!


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