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Refried Beans

Refried Beans 1

  Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow, so we’re going to be posting a few recipes to help you celebrate!  To me the day brings me back to my Grandmother’s kitchen, surrounded by the scents and sounds of her busily working away at the stove.  Not only is Cinco de Mayo celebrated as a sort of Mexican Pride day (in the States… it’s different in Mexico I know!) it’s also was our Grandma’s birthday.  Her on-going joke was that everyone was celebrating for her, and this year…. in my heart and in my house I will be celebrating her and everything she meant to me.

  This recipe is one that’s easy to memorize, and it makes the best beans I’ve ever eaten.  Outside of it being tasty, I love how easy it is to make since you put it together the night before you plan to eat (yay for the crock pot!).  I hope it becomes a favorite side in your house, and that it finds it’s way to your table whenever you celebrate someone you love or just want to have a fiesta!


2lbs Pinto Beans (Rinsed, drained, and picked through of any bad beans.)
1 Onion (peeled, and the top and bottom trimmed off)
4 Cloves of Garlic (peeled, tops and bottoms trimmed off)
2 Boxes of Stock (Chicken, Low Sodium Chicken, or Vegetable, whatever your dietary needs require)
1- 12 oz Block of Salt Pork OR (for Lower Fat) 2 Smoked Turkey Legs OR (for Vegetarian) a couple of dashes of liquid smoke, and a couple of pinches of salt
Garlic Salt or Regular Salt as needed
Queso Fresca for garnish, and for extra yummyness!

1. Place your beans into the crock pot along with the onion, garlic, salt pork/turkey legs/liquid smoke&salt, and 2 boxes of stock.  Fill the rest of the volume of your crock pot with water up to an inch before the lid line, and let cook in your crock pot on low over night.

2.  In the morning check the doneness of your beans.  If they’re not so tender they’re falling apart, add a little more cooking liquid, stir, and let cook for a few more hours.

3.  When the beans are tender and falling apart, remove the onion and discard.  (If you have turkey legs, remove them, debone, and add the meat back in.)  Mash with a potato masher, process in a food processor, or use an immersion blender to completely mash/crush/obliterate the beans into a smooth texture.  Taste, then season to your desire.

4.  Your beans are done!  They might seem a little thin and soupy but as they cool they set up.  If you like them firmer, transfer them to the fridge for a few hours, then reheat on the stove top when you’re ready to eat.


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