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Sage Spice Shop


Business: Sage Spice Shop
Location: 74 W. Washington St. Oswego, IL 60543
Phone: 630-554-7500
Website: Sage Spice Shop

  Hello!  Since I’m sick (and still not able to get into my kitchen to cook) I thought I’d share a new shop that’s come to my town.  I first heard of Sage from a sweet neighbor of mine, then again as they advertised in our local theatre group’s Radio Play: A Christmas Carol.  From the first moment I wanted to go, and the humorous radio commercial had me counting down the days till I was well enough to visit this new offering to our downtown area.


   This quaint little shop offers a variety of spices, salts, original spice blends (made on site by a friendly fellow named Paul), and many great gift options.  When I first entered (even with a stuffy nose) I was greeted first by the welcoming aroma of spices, the charming decor, and friendly staff.  If you’ve never been to a spice store before and you’re someone who loves to cook, go… right now.  Seriously.


    You can’t beat the quality of fresh spices (believe it or not folks, these things have a shelf life that the grocery store doesn’t monitor for you… and there’s nothing more disappointing than vanilla beans that shatter when you try to cut into them.)  If you’re new to cooking, or a bit skittish the folks here can help steer you towards spice blends that make cooking not only easy bust tastier with a few pinches of what soon will become your “Magic Kitchen Yummy Dust”.

  I hope this article helps you in your own quest for Delicious Things!  I’m excited to try my purchases, and if you don’t live in the area… look for your local spice shop online or try Penzey’s ( I will be reviewing them later… I’m sure…)  Which is another great spice shop, that has a wide online selection and several stores around the country.


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