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To Be Thankful



There are so many reasons to be thankful, not only on the holidays but all the year through.  This drink was inspired by Thanksgiving, the gathering of loved ones, and the celebration of all the things that are good in life.  Of course…. this drink is something my family (at least those of us who are 21+) are thankful for too!

Soooo I don’t drink.  Well not that I don’t drink, I just don’t that often.  Holidays are one of the few exceptions, and this drink definitely captures the flavor of the season without being too heavy.  Of course…. since you can’t taste the alcohol it can also be a b dangerous if you’re sipping on them while you’re preparing Thanksgiving dinner… and haven’t eaten….. Sooo consider that your warning!  (To be safe wait till you’re done cooking and are gathered around the table…. and you know are ready to tear it up after… or uh… be ready for that after-feasting-nap!)

So Cheers, drink up, be merry, be thankful, and may your holiday be full of all the delicious things that life has to offer!


Highball Glasses


Kettle One Vodka
Pomegranate Juice
Ginger Ale


1.  Fill your shaker with ice (or punchbowl with however much ice you want to use to keep it cool).

2.  Two Shots Vodka, Two Shots Pom juice (or a bottle of pom juice and a bottle of vodka if you’re going for a punch).  Shake it up, dance while doing it, and get happy!  (Stir if in a punch bowl!)

3.  Strain into a glass… half way… orrrrr a little higher depending on your mood 😉

4.  Top off with Ginger Ale!

5.  Enjoy one… or two…. or…. heheheheeeeee


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